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  • Malik S.

    Malik S. View Profile

    Born and raised in Miami Florida Malik S. is the last of seven children. He grew up defending himself from his older siblings with laughter. Malik brings joy and laughter to the hearts of many people with his style of comedy. Malik’s material is based on everyday life with a lot of creative humor in between. After, receiving his Bachelors degree at Florida Memorial University, Malik taught h...

  •  SAAB Story

    SAAB Story View Profile

    SAAB Story Los Angeles, CA - November 2010 - 19 min Short Documentary Synopsis: A washed up comedian from the 70s decides to take another shot at fame after being let go by the SAAB dealership that employed him.

  • Joby Saad

    Joby Saad View Profile

     Growing up in Nashville Tennessee, Joby worked in the family business assisting his father in the collection of used motor oil. We were part of the earliest Environmentalists although were we’re called other names. Joby read of Harry Houdini, the stage and was performing children’s magic shows most weekends by age 12.  Joby say’s “Dad would build the props, and m...

  • Aaron Sabater

    Aaron Sabater View Profile

    Aaron has been doing stand up comedy since he came out the womb and has always been considered the “funny man” all his life.  Since his stand up debut in the beginning of 2015, he has created a wave in the comedy clubs around NYC, hitting some of NY’s biggest stages such as Gotham Comedy Club, Broadway Comedy Club, The Stand, Stand UP NY, Caroline’s on Broadway, j...

  • John Sabine

    John Sabine View Profile

    John Sabine (Ensemble) is thrilled to be performing with Improv Extravaganza Explosion! Originally from Dallas, he graduated from Santa Clara University with a BA in Theatre and Dance. After moving to Chicago to attend Second City's Comedy Studies Program, he studied at the Second City Training Center and iO. He can be seen around Chicago performing with The Late 90s. He recently performed with ...

  • Brad Sachs

    Brad Sachs View Profile

  • Nery Saenz

    Nery Saenz View Profile

     A tornado of sarcastic anecdotes, personal storytelling and physical punch lines, Nery Saenz is a comedian everyone can relate to. Whether this Miami-based ball of energy is recounting failed first dates or childhood playground antics, his style of comedy will keep you reeling with laughter as you recall your own similar experiences. The youngest of four siblings in a Nicaraguan-Ameri...

  • Oscar Sagastume

    Oscar Sagastume View Profile

  • Bob Saget

    Bob Saget View Profile

    Yes, Bob Saget has starred in many successful television shows, including two of the most family-friendly shows network TV has ever produced ("Full House" and "Americas Funniest Home Videos") but he’s also an out of his mind standup comedian for over thirty years. From his 2014 Grammy-nominated stand-up special, “That’s What I’m Talkin’ About&rd...

  • Mort Sahl

    Mort Sahl View Profile

  • Susan Saiger

    Susan Saiger View Profile

    Stand up stuff... The Funny Divas: All female stand up troupe, toured three years all over Central Florida. Co-founder of Vixen Comedy Comedy ,ordained minister with ULC  

  • Harvard Sailing Team

    Harvard Sailing Team View Profile

  • Ashley Saint Onge

    Ashley Saint Onge View Profile

    "Clean" comic Ashley Saint'Onge has lived in the comedy world her entire life - Funny runs in the family! She is also a classically-trained actress and professional model. Her wit flies under the censorship radar, you may never realize how sweetly offended you are. Keep your eye on this one!

  • Perry Sak

    Perry Sak View Profile

  • Rick Salas

    Rick Salas View Profile

    Born Redondo Beach, CA ...raised there 18 years. Went to school in Chico CA CSU Chico. Started comedy in early 2000 in the San Francisco Bay Area. Started a production company and later moved to Carlsbad, CA where I now live.My comedy is some about my life, stereotypes, some sexual, and current events.

  • Andres Salazar

    Andres Salazar View Profile

     Andres wrote and directed short SAG film After Cheri. He performs stand-up all over the West Coast, and has two podcasts that can be found on itunes, Andres Salazar's Nappy-Headed podcast and The Biscuit Show podcast.

  • Angel Salazar

    Angel Salazar View Profile

    Angel Salazar is not your typical comedian. With his Cuban/Puerto Rican heritage, this manic, human laugh factory is rather difficult to describe. Salazar's performance is a mixture of street-smart ethnic wisecracks, risque humor, physical comedy, and audience involvement. Angel has not only launched a successful career as a comedian, but is also an established actor.

  • Ed Salazar

    Ed Salazar View Profile

  • Gibran Saleem

    Gibran Saleem View Profile

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  • Jaime Salita

    Jaime Salita View Profile

  • Betsy Salkind

    Betsy Salkind View Profile

  • Tema Louise Sall

    Tema Louise Sall View Profile

  • Dan Sally

    Dan Sally View Profile

    Has been featured on Comedy Central’s "Live at Gotham" and was a finalist in the 2007 Boston Comedy Festival. Called "one of the quirkiest, funniest comics" by Sean McCarthy of the Boston Herald and "spectacularly untalented at almost everything else," by Nick Zaino of the Boston Globe (which is a good thing, in an idiot savantish sort of way).

  • Ian Salmon

    Ian Salmon View Profile

    Ian started doing comedy in Washington, DC  his first professional show was opening for the late Robert Schimmel in 1996.  Ian started out fast while most comedians spend years working on perfecting their acts Ian threw himself head first into the spotlight by producing his own shows throughout Washington, DC, Maryland and Virginia providing a platform for many comedians from Richmond to...

  • Cicero Salmon III

    Cicero Salmon III View Profile

      This Bronx NY native engages crowds with his big smile, "what you talking about attitude," and observant comedic style. Raised in New York City, Cicero was shipped off to the Lawrenceville school, a boarding school in NJ, and then went on to graduate from Lehigh University. Half Black and Half Puerto Rican, Cicero's life has always been a mix of two different worlds. Cicero...

  • Dale Salwak

    Dale Salwak View Profile

    Dale Salwak is known as “The Gentleman of Magic.” Skilled in the classics of magic, his elegant style has made him a favorite for many years in the finest clubs, showrooms, and theaters throughout the world. As director since 1978 of the California-based Chavez Studio of Magic (founded in 1941 by Ben Chavez), he has led hundreds of magicians in pursuit of these same values. A London reviewer say...

  • Tony Sam

    Tony Sam View Profile


  • Andy Samberg

    Andy Samberg View Profile

    Andy Samberg is a comedian who is best known for his work on Saturday Night Live.

  • Sugar Sammy

    Sugar Sammy View Profile

      One of the hottest young comedians on the international circuit, Sugar Sammy is enjoying considerable success both at home and around the world. He’s been described as striking the "...perfect balance between confident swagger and self-deprecation." His bestselling DVD “Sugar Sammy Live in Concert: Direct from Montreal” was the Number One selling comedy DV...

  • Michelle Samuels

    Michelle Samuels View Profile

    Michelle Samuels is a New York based jazz vocalist. Michelle has performed at venues including Avery Fisher Hall at Lincoln Center, Yale’s Eugene O’Neill Theater, North Square Lounge at The Washington Square Hotel and Tavern on the Green.

  • Ben San Del

    Ben San Del View Profile

  • Edwin San Juan

    Edwin San Juan View Profile

    Edwin San Juan, an “original” Los Angeles based comedian, is well received from multicultural audiences of all ages with his laid back style on stage, his quick punchlines and hilarious stories he keeps every audience roaring both internationally and at home! He has entertained our troops with the ‘Around the World in Eight Days’ USO campaign and has appeared on mult...

  • Abi Sanchez

    Abi Sanchez View Profile

     Taking a comedy workshop with comedic legend Rich Ramirez was all Abi Sanchez needed to realize that comedy is what he wanted to do. He first hit the stage in 2010 and hasn't stopped since. His take on family life, relationships, friends, social media and life's vices have all been formed by a childhood of too much TV and not enough guidance. His laid back demeanor and stage presence instant...

  • Johnny Sanchez

    Johnny Sanchez View Profile

    JOHNNY SANCHEZ is one of America's premiere comedians. Having performed in Comedy clubs for years, he has honed his comedy into an exquisite art form. With his feverish energy, detailed characters and pinpoint delivery, his shows take you on a laughing journey of people, places and life. Johnny's audiences are always captivated by his clever metaphors, inventive scenarios and his all too true c...

  • Mike Sanchez

    Mike Sanchez View Profile

  • Francis Sanchez Jr.

    Francis Sanchez Jr. View Profile

  • Vicki Sander

    Vicki Sander View Profile

    Just finished successful run in the Urban Stages Cabaret Nights Series. Vicki Sander is currently singing bimonthly with her jazz trio at Padre Figlio Restaurant, Sundays at the Algonquin Hotel Lobby and special appearances at La Mediterranee French Bistro. She sings at local jazz venues in NYC including Smoke, Kitano, Birdland, and appeared 9 times at the former Village Gate. She debuts her new c...

  • Ajai Sanders

    Ajai Sanders View Profile

    Ajai Sanders, is an American actress and stand-up comedian best known for her supporting role as Gina Devereaux in The Cosby Show spin-off A Different World. She is sometimes credited as Ajai Richards.

  • Charlie Sanders

    Charlie Sanders View Profile

    Charlie Sanders was born and raised on the mean streets of St. Paul, Minnesota. His only way out of the hood was through comedy. He started at Central High School Touring Theatre Company doing the funny parts in plays about social issues like why not to do drugs. Right out of high school he got hired to be a main stage and touring performer with Comedy Sportz, Minneapolis. Making money at comedy a...

  • Darren DS Sanders

    Darren DS Sanders View Profile

    Darren “DS” Sanders is one of the funniest comedians touring today; a must see show when he’s playing a venue near you! Darren is a dead on writer who turns life’s everyday simplicities into side splitting comedy routines. DS is known as the man of many faces and his facial expressions are as descriptive as his words. Very interactive with his audiences, never be sur...

  • Joel Sanders

    Joel Sanders View Profile

    Joel is a British Comedian with extensive live experience across North America. He has now performed professionally in 30 different American States, more than any other UK based comic, and is working towards becoming the first British Comic to work in all 50. In recent years, Joel has increasingly been booked to work as the headliner, performing sets of up to 60 minutes. He has opened two shows...

  • John Sanders

    John Sanders View Profile

  • Lowell Sanders

    Lowell Sanders View Profile

    An incredibly versatile and accomplished comedian working today, Lowell has emerged as a premier headliner at venues around the country. His unique blend of comedy is provocative and most importantly –real. A Detroit native, after high school Lowell served three years in the U.S. Navy. He launched his comedy career on an open mike night at the Comedy Castle in Detroit while studying telec...

  • Vance Sanders

    Vance Sanders View Profile

  • Andy Sandford

    Andy Sandford View Profile

    Andy Sandford is a fresh (yet bearded) face who got funny in Atlanta, GA and is now based out of New York City. He can be heard on “Aqua Teen Hunger Force”. Andy is a featured guest on the nationally syndicated “Regular Guys” radio show, and has appeared on The Bob and Tom Show. His stand up is featured on XM/Sirius satellite radio as well as Pandora. Creative Loafing Magaz...

  • Stephanie Sanditz

    Stephanie Sanditz View Profile

  • Carlos Sandoval

    Carlos Sandoval View Profile

  • Julie Sanford

    Julie Sanford View Profile

  • Leroya Sanford

    Leroya Sanford View Profile

    Comedienne, Leroya Sanford dons the Tierra as the Princess of comedy. At the tender age of four, Roya took to the stage to perform her first comedy routine during a 2006 Swimming Awards banquet and wowed the audience. It was unexpected, but when asked if anyone wanted to come up on stage and say a few words, Roya eagerly raised her hand and said, “Can I go tell some jokes?” Her parents...

  • Adam Sank

    Adam Sank View Profile

    Adam Sank is one of the most recognized openly gay stand-up comics in the country, having been featured on Season Six of NBC's "Last Comic Standing," in which he advanced to the New York showcase. He has also appeared on truTV's "Smoking Gun Presents: World's Dumbest Criminals," Vh-1's "Best Week Ever" and the Here-TV programs "Hot Gay Comics" and "Bust...

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