Frazer Smith’s Rose Parade Show Live
At Jon Lovitz Comedy Club Jan 1st, 2013
LA Radio Legend Frazer Smith and The Go Cast Network bring the 125th Rose Parade to the stage at Jon Lovitz Comedy Club Jan 1st, 2013 at 8am in front of a Live Audience. Frazer Smith has been covering the Tournament of Roses Parade for three decades on KLOS, KROQ, KMET and KLSX. His Comedic Commentary on the Rose Parade has become a Holiday tradition.
For several years, Smith, along with Peter "Crabman” Crabbe, made an annual tradition of offering an alternate audio commentary to television coverage of the famous Tournament of Roses Parade. Listeners would be told to tune in to Los Angeles television station KTLA, which was hosted byStephanie Edwards and Bob Eubanks. Smith would tell viewers to turn down the television volume and turn up the radio to hear the comedy parody, which included discussing news themes from the past year and applying them to the floats. Smith and Crabbe would also describe the passing bands while playing over the top taped band music.

Frazer Smith is the Premiere Host in Los Angeles at the biggest comedy clubs including The Comedy Store, The Laugh Factory, The Ice House and The Improv. Once again, Frazer’s Co-Host will be Peter Crabbe, Headlining Comedian that has performed with Monty Python. The Event will be catered by the 2nd Floor from Huntington Beach, so Patrons can expect an Outstanding Dining experience at Frazer Smith’s Live Rose Parade Coverage of the most widely viewed parade on Earth. Home Viewers can watch it all on Ustream and on New Year’s Day. Come enjoy the New Year with Fine Spirts, Great Food and Lots of Laughter at
Frazer Smith’s Rose Parade Show Live
At Jon Lovitz Comedy Club Jan 1st, 2013