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ShushyBye Live at Lovitz!!

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ShushyBye Live at Lovitz!!
Saturday, April 26, 2014 11:00 AM to 12:00 PM
Jon Lovitz Comedy Club & Podcast Theatre, Universal City, CA
  • Seating First Come First Serve
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Show Details
  • Ticket Price: $20.00 - $30.00
  • Show Type: Special Event
  • Restrictions: Seating First Come First Serve
The famed Jon Lovitz Comedy Club at Universal Studios CityWalk will become the live performance home for SHUSHYBYE, one of the country’s most popular children’s musical acts from the multi award-winning Shushybye television series airing daily on BabyFirst. SHUSHBYE LIVE AT LOVITZ! 

Tickets are $20 dollars each or $30 dollars including a children’s lunch. Lunch consists of:

Option 1: Turkey Sandwich on wheat bread, apple sauce, cookie, and a 100% Juice Box

Option 2: Pita & Hummice, apple sauce, cookie, and a 100% Juice Box

The first thing families recognize when listening to the original Shushybye songs is this is not your typical preschooler’s music! Shushybye presents music that adults enjoy – while helping introduce their children to such popular musical genres as real rock ‘n roll, blues, jazz, rhythm & blues, Latin and country. As a result, Shushybye is a fun-filled musical journey across many diverse music forms. For its one-hour concert at Jon Lovitz Comedy Club, the Shushybye Dream Band will perform a number of their hit songs, along with interactive fun for the children who will be invited to sing along and dance along with the Shushies SNOOZLES and DOZIE and ZEEZ and Shushybye’s beloved lead singer, Michael North.

Shushybye is where dreams are made for children by the Shushies who live in such villages as Nap Valley, Snore Shore, Slumber Heights and Yawn Island. Every day, children give the Shushies their dream wishes - and the Shushies make them their dreams, delivered to them by the Shushybye Train as they fall asleep. SNOOZLES, DOZIE and ZEEZ are three Shushy friends who enjoy making dreams and having all kinds of fun together. After making dreams, the Shushies gather in Pillow Park for the nightly Shushybye Dance, where they move and groove to the music of the Shushybye Dream Band. And it’s to Pillow Park where the Jon Lovitz Comedy Club takes children and adults for the coolest kid’s concert of the season with the #1 group on the Bedboard Charts – the Shushybye Dream Band!

SHUSHYBYE is the original dream-themed entertainment brand for preschoolers, encompassing a national television series on BabyFirstTV (, series of bedtime storybooks, toys and plush dolls, music CD’s, DVD’s and sleepwear. Designed expressly to encourage children to look forward to nighty-night time (Shushybye Time), SHUSHYBYE is designed to help encourage children to apply their creativity and imagination. Shushybye ‘Dream Wishes’ help to empower children to use storytelling and the creative arts to help the Shushies make their dreams. Part of a loving and colorful nightly interactive ritual to help parents prepare their preschoolers for sleep, Shushybye storybooks and lullabies are a shared nighttime experience between parent and preschooler, while the Shushybye TV show, rock songs and toys are created to be enjoyed the whole day through. For more information, the Shushies invite you to visit Shushybye on the Web at (

Please note: the club does not have high-chairs! Strollers are welcomed.