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Throwback Thursday

Performing Artists (Click on Artist for Reviews and Previews)
  • Ticket Price: $15.00 - $35.00
  • Show Type: Stand Up
  • 18 & over
    Two items minimum per person
    Seating First Come First Serve
    All Shows Have Adult Content

Description: Throwback Thursday's include the comedy of the icons in comedy who wowed crowds from the mid seventies through the mid nineties. They have performed in clubs throughout the country starred in Television, Movies and Specials of their own. These are veterans of the Comedy world that came up through the same ranks as Richard Pryor, David Letterman, Bob Saget, Howie Mandel and many more. 

Adam Gropman: Adam Gropman is an ambidextrous, double-jointed, linguistically gifted Bostonian somewhat resembling a young Geoffrey Rush. He's also heard Adam Sandler and Ben Affleck- he'll talk any of those comparisons, gladly. Adam has distiniguished himself as a writer of creative material for top comedians internationally and as a performer of intelligent, offbeat, honest standup comedy himself at clubs throughout California and across the country. After graduating from Second City's Conservatory program in Los Angeles, Adam was a member of the group Sketch Armstrong, for whom he wrote a large portion of the sketches and also acted in many different character roles. Sketch Armstrong went on to perform at the prestigious San Francisco SketchFest, LA Improv Festival, Sacramento All Sketch, UCB Theater, Comedy Cocktail (incubator of 'Workaholics', 'Key & Peele') and multiple packed-crowd appearances at the Comedy Central Stage. A sketch that Adam wrote and starred in was directed into a short film called 'Insight Into The Enemy' by the highly accomplished Marc Leidy and won admission to the HBO Aspen and Montreal JFL festivals, winning distinct honors at both. As an actor, Adam played opposite Samantha Morton and Jason Patric in the NY Times-lauded, Cannes/Sundance feature film 'Expired', and won thumbs ups for his Adam Sandler impersonation on ABC's contest reality show 'The Next Best Thing.' He also played prominent roles in the festival-awarded short films 'Rollin', 'Pluzman', and 'Spicy Nose', and portrayed the character of Clark, opposite Greg Behrendt, Dave (Gruber) Allen, Mark Fite and others in Bonnie McFarlane's comedic play 'The Funny Funny Ha Ha Hour.' Adam's presentation 'Unhappy Camper', in the international smash hit live show and Simon Schuster book 'Mortified' has won him powerful laughter and audience accolades in various cities and was turned into the on man show 'Get Me Out Of Here!' seen at the Hollywood Fringe and Comedy Central Stage. Adam also writes widely lauded creative (and often humorous) articles for the LA Weekly and has also contributed to the Orange County Register, Brand X, Metromix and the respected NYC-based Mirth Magazine. Adam has also appeared in creatively offbeat commercials for Nescafe and Joe's Crab Shack, if which he is actually somewhat proud. Despite all of this dry and serious credit-listing, Adam is actually a funny, dynamic and likable standup performer on stage.

Joey Gaynor: Joey Gaynor is a stand up comedian and actor from the great state of New Jersey,  who began his stand up career in the mid '70s and t he was doing television shows like ABC's FRIDAYS the west coast answer to Saturday Night Live. It was there he cemented his friendship with one of his mentors, Andy Kaufman.  In 1983 Richard Pryor took joey under his wing having him as his opening act for countless sold out shows in Hollywood where Joey says, "I got the best damn tutoring you could ever have, Every night after the shows he would sit down with me and talk to me about what I was doing, and more importantly WHY and hoe I should try this or that. I feel so Blessed to have had a relationship like that with my idol."    Over the years Joey has worked in film and television with the likes of Leslie Neilson, Paul Sorvino, Thora Birch and the late great Jonathan Winters.  Joey also co-starred in what is now a cult classic "COMEDY'S DIRTIEST DOZEN" with Chris Rock, Tim Allen and the late great Bill Hicks.   He also was one of Robert Townsend's "ORIGINAL PARTNERS IN CRIME" for HBO and guest starred on "HOUSE", "E.R." and in the movie "THE FIVE HEARTBEATS". Joey was also one of the driving forces behind Troma Films Cult CLassic "FEROCIOUS FEMALE FREEDOM FIGHTERS" which Blockbuster rated five stars and called it "Even funnier than "What's up Tiger Lily".   After a much needed hiatus, Joey is back and rocking audiences once again.