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    Brett Riley

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    Pete Giovine

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  • 18 & over
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SuperNaked exists somewhere between everything you think you already know. Combining musical prowess, expert songwriting, emotional content, and comedic flair, their music spans several genres and knows no bounds.
Before SuperNaked was forged, Lee Miles wrote some tunes with Luke Thomas. After a long, raunchy conversation with Matt Gendal on the streets of LA, they invited him to jam on their new material for shits & giggles. The trio, without any real pretense of starting a band, eventually called their friend Rod Castro to play a few shows. Rafe Bradford showed up to play bass ... Rafe continues to show up of his own volition. 
SuperNaked quietly released their first music video on YouTube for Terrible Person in August of 2013. It was directed & filmed by Brad Scott of Definite Productions and featured actor/musician Drake Bell. They performed the same song for BalconyTV a few weeks later. 
You can now catch them here at Jon Lovitz Comedy Club every Friday - and no two shows are the same. Every week, late night Friday hosts 3 of the hottest headliners working in live comedy to kick off the SuperNaked experience with guest artists popping in to perform with the band. Past guests have included the legendary Gallagher, Charles Fleischer, Drake Bell, and the exceptionally talented Eliza James.