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Get SuperNaked - SICK SONGS EP RELEASE PARTY with Special Celebrity Host

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  • Ticket Price: $10.00 - $20.00
  • Show Type:
  • 18 & over
    Two items minimum per person
    Seating First Come First Serve
    All Shows Have Adult Content
  • Door Time: 07:00 PM

Description: -  Combine decades of talent from 5 music industry professionals, creative lyrical chemistry and a music producer/engineer with mad skills and you have the makings of a band called SuperNaked. What began as just 5 friends Lee Miles, Luke Thomas, Matt Gendal, Rod Castro and Rafe Bradford jamming for the love of music with no pretense for creating a band, quickly turned into something real and powerful without losing their flare for fun. Fun is definitely not missing from their debut EP “SickSongs” available for download on August 22nd, with solid rock songs with occasional comedic undertones like “If I Can’t Have You”, “Count”, “I Wish”, “Terrible Person” and their fan favorite stage show closer “F- Everyone and Everything”.  SuperNaked will celebrate the “SickSongs” EP Release on 8/22 with a blowout release party in true SuperNaked fashion at the Jon Lovitz Comedy Club at Universal City Walk in Los Angeles.
“It's an honor to be doing this release at the Lovitz club”, said SuperNaked Lead Singer Lee Miles. “Most people don't realize that if it weren't because of Jon Lovitz in my stepmother was an alien  and Yanni...I wouldn't have been so inclined to learn to play piano, which led me to the music I make today.”
Equipped with special celebrity guests, musical drop-ins and the evening starting off with comedian Dylan Mandlsohn and a Special Guest Host, attendees are sure to be in for a truly uninhibited evening of entertainment. VIP Red Carpet to begin at 7pm and showtime and comedy/music beginning at 8:30pm